Friday, April 9, 2010

Taylor Lautner: GQ Stud

He’s one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, and Taylor Lautner shows us why in the new issue of GQ magazine.

The “New Moon” stud sat down with GQ senior editor Mickey Rapkin to talk about the various aspects of his crazy celebrity life.

Having presented an award at the Oscars with costar Kristen Stewart, Taylor explained, “I would have passed out if she wasn’t there! You’re looking down and you’re talking to George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio—and they’re listening to you!”

And though he is synonymous with his Jacob Black character, Taylor says it didn’t come without its hard work. “I’m in the gym, and I’m doing reps, and I’m reading the books, and I’m studying the character. I’m just saying to myself, ‘I want this role. I love this role. I’m not gonna lose it. And I’m gonna know it better than anybody, and I’m gonna do that extra rep, because I’m gonna be Jacob Black.’”

Despite his million-dollar paychecks, Lautner isn’t looking to get his own place just yet. “Um, you know, not so much. There’s really no point. I’m so busy. I really haven’t thought about it.... The thing I love is that my home life hasn’t changed. I still help out with the garbage. I still help out with the lawn.”

And Taylor isn’t one for gratuitously showing off his massive muscles. “Originally I was supposed to take off my shirt. The script [of Valentine’s Day] said we were walking into school and Willy takes off his shirt. I said, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. Time out. He’s gonna take off his shirt in the middle of school? No, no, no. The reason I took off my shirt for New Moon is because it’s written in the book that way. And there’s reasons behind it.”

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