Thursday, March 31, 2011

Victoria’s Secret Angels Throw Los Angeles SWIM Party

They cause a ruckus everywhere they go, and last night (March 30) the Victoria’s Secret Angeles were in the house at Club L in Los Angeles. Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, and Candice Swanepoel all showed up to promote the 2011 Victoria’s Secret SWIM Collection.

The Pink Carpet Event was quite the shindig, with a guest list that included Kim Kardashian, Joe Jonas, and John Legend. And with all the sexy new looks in the Victoria’s Secret SWIM Collection, beach season just got even hotter.

Candice Swanepoel: Skinny Scare?

She showed up at the Victoria’s Secret SWIM event in Los Angeles yesterday looking rather thin, and now there are fears that Candice Swanepoel is too skinny.
The South African babe appeared to have lost quite a bit of weight since her photos from a few months ago, triggering several media sources to show concern.

A post on the Hollywood Life website said Candice was “scarily, skeletally, stick-thin,” while CBS News stated that she looked “startlingly slim.”
Back in November, Swanepoel told press, "Actually, this year my problem has been more putting the weight on and getting muscle on because it's been really busy. I've been traveling around like crazy. I get skinnier if I'm very busy.”

Adrianne Palicki: "Wonder Woman" In Action

Hard at work on the set of her newest project, Adrianne Palicki once again hit the pavement of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles last night (March 30).
The 27-year-old suited up in true "Wonder Woman" style, sporting the famous red and gold bustier, muted blue bottoms and shiny red leather boots as she filmed some heart-pumping action scenes.

Earlier this month, the first snapshots of the super-heroine's costume hit the web - and were met with some serious criticism after Palicki's pants appeared to be made of too-tight and too-bright vinyl and her boots were blue and heeled instead of their original red flat pair.
After a ferocious fan outcry, costumers quickly worked to alter the nostalgic outfit back to it's original crime-fighting form.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Male celebrities as woman

If the aliens finally decide to hit the gender reversal switch on their mothership one of these days, it’s going to be a scary scene in Hollywoo.

Meet The Boxing Bbabes

Whats better than knock out babes? Knock out babes who can also knock you out…not really, but seriously these girls are hot.

Two pictures of the same person but in different stages on their life

Enjoy the creativity and see Two pictures of the same person but in different stages on their life

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Babes on motorcycles

Motorcycles are awesome and they’re more awesome when hot babes are riding them

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