Friday, December 17, 2010

The Famous Sisters of Hollywood

Sometimes being famous just runs in the family. All these sisters are both famous

Britney Spears and her little Sister

Why is Britney’s sister even famous? Maybe because she was preggars at the age of 15… Anyways, for guys growing up in the 00′s whatever stupid stuff Britney does, she will always be a little bit of a fantasy girl (just think back of “oops I did it again”). And her sister? Well, she seems pretty easy

Hilton Sisters

Yes, they are stupid, but they are also very rich and will get you in the best parties.

Duff Sisters

The hotness is not equally divided with these sisters, Hillary makes up a lot though!

Minogue sisters

Just two beautiful women.

Cruz Sisters

Jessica & Ashlee

After what John Mayer said about Jessica, we really like to meet her, and her sister!

Beyonce & Solange

The legs never seem to stop

Williams Sisters

Tall, Black, Athletic, Filthy rich gives the Williams sisters the number 3 position in this list.


Not two, but three sisters, quantity above quality in this case!

Olson Twins

Ok, maybe they are also the most annoying sisters, but being ridiculously famous since they where kids put them in the number 1 spot. Back in the days there used to be counters on the internet, counting down till the day the Olson twins where at the legal age…

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