Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Victoria's Secret Unveils $2M Bra

International panties purveyor Victoria’s Secret unveiled a diamond-studded bra valued at roughly $2 million this week, attracting the attention of lace-loving females everywhere and setting the holiday shopping bar unreasonably high for boyfriends across the globe.The bra, which is comprised of 1,542 carats of white diamonds, blue sapphires, and blue topaz set in 18 carats of white gold, will see its fashion world debut on November 30 when runway icon Adriana Lima dons the opulent chest carriage for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Despite all the fanfare surrounding the multi-million dollar product, Victoria’s Secret representatives have not yet indicated whether the bra will be easier to remove than any of the company’s other bras, after three glasses of wine, in your girl's dimly lit living room.Additionally, the bra includes a disclaimer stating that despite its hefty price tag, it will not necessarily make your girlfriend’s breasts look like Lima’s.Still, for those reward-seeking males looking to satisfy their ladies’ luxurious tastes without having to rob a bank or kidnap a diplomat’s child for the ransom money, Victoria’s Secret also has released a more affordable version of the bra: A $250 model featuring colored glass stones in place of the precious gems adorning the real deal.

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