Friday, December 17, 2010

Marisa Miller Wants To Sex U Up

 Aside from watching the New England Patriots smother the Detroit Lions yesterday for Thanksgiving, there was another reason to watch TV yesterday night. Actually, two reasons. Everyone’s favorite former VS model, Marisa Miller, made her second appearance on the Conan O’Brien show and proved that she ain’t gone soft… to speak.

Marisa walked out onstage wearing bright red lipstick and a slut-tastically racy little red dress with cleavage to burn a hole in your HDTV. And, YES… is the first time on national television that Marisa has ever shown this much breastesses.

To be honest, I was getting quite tired of Marisa’s tradition of not showing anything outside of wearing a bikini [hence my growing hatred for her], but this was actually quite BONER-RIFFIC! So what did Marisa talk about with Conan? I don’t know, who gives a shit!

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