Friday, December 24, 2010

Jacqueline, The Sexy 'Murder'ess

Jacqueline Fernandez is trying to recreate the sexy pose of Bipasha and Mallika Sherawat's kiss-a-lot act from Murder in the film's sequel Murder 2.

1. Dares To Bare

Jackie plays a dare-bare character for the first time.

Image Courtesy: Mid-day

2. No Stops On The Sex

She has also shot for some raw lovemaking scenes with co-star Emraan Hashmi under the direction of Mohit Suri.

3. She's Sensual Enough

Suri says, 'I signed her as she fits the role very well. Murder is a brand and I feel Jacqueline carries the sensuality that the character required, very well.'

Image Courtesy: Vogue

4. Mallika? No Thanks!

He adds that though Mallika was very keen on doing the sequel he wanted a new girl for Murder. 'We wanted give the project a fresh look.

5. The Steamier The Better!

The first Murder also had a new girl (Mallika Sherawat), which worked. People are also anticipating steamier and more intense love making scenes in the sequel.

6. Which 'Level' Is He Talking Of ?

All I will say is that you will have to wait and watch. As you know, Murder came in 2005. It will be 2011 when Murder 2 will release so obviously the level (sic) will be higher.'

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