Monday, September 27, 2010

Wardrobe malfunctions of Celebrities Part-1

After being deported back to Norway from India, model-actress Negar Khan made news for her wardrobe malfunction on the ramp at an outdoor fashion show as her top completely went off. Was it just another way of gaining publicity when she was down and out?
Lindsay Lohan was clearly in need of some more 'tit tape' before she stepped out in this outfit for the Ten Fashion Awards.
Geri Halliwell wore a very flimsy, floaty red dress at one of the awards show in London. When a gust of wind went by, it tested her dignity.
Sarah Jessica Parker suffers a wardrobe malfunction as her flimsy dress goes wet and at the same time is caught by the wind.
Katherine Heigl suffered a disastrous wardrobe malfunction in a sexy red dress while making a speech in casino-capital Las Vegas.
Mischa Barton was caught bra-less at a social event which only embarrassed her publicly.
Another day, another bra-less celebrity steps out – and this time it was Paris Hilton. The heiress must have been a bit chilly on a day out shopping, as not much was left to the imagination under her shear top.
Katie Price isn't one to be shy and has made a living out of flashing her assets – but this was one occasion that she hadn't planned to expose all. She was promoting one of her books when an arm lift led to a fashion faux pas.
Author JK Rowling suffered an embarrassing wardrobe-malfunction during a public reading of her final Harry Potter installment in Hollywood.
Britney Spears had a wardrobe malfunction while performing at one her shows.

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